Journal Entry 2 - Personality test

My result is ESTJ for Extraverted Sensing Thinking and judging.

The personality test was pretty straightfoward and relatively easy to take. I was almost 100 percent sure that I chose the right answer for myself through out the entirety of the test. My result came out as ESTJ for Extraverted, sensing, Thinking, and judging.

First of all, the results told me that I was 1% extraverted. I do not know how much a 1% extrovert differs from an introvert, but I feel pretty good that Im classified as an extrovert. My result analysis states that ESTJs are good at making impersonal decisions quickly, which is definitely true but also a bit off in the sense that I am good at making fast decisions, period; not only the impersonal ones. The results are also very true in their analysis that I stand firm of my decisions, I do, though I often regret doing so. The results accurately contain 3 words that are often used by others when describing me as a person: discovering, true/factual and logical. supervise, product, and productivity are also words found in the results that accurately describe me in the work field.
Next, the test indicated that I was 1% sensing. The descriptions of this section of the result states that I am a persistent learner with a "desire for discipline and regimen". That part is true, but the other half stated that I like sports, which is half true and half false. I certainly am interested in sports, but not all of them. Watching the Olympics is one of my favorite things to do in the winter, but in all honesty, watching high school football and basketball bore me to death. High school tennis, volleyball, and lacrosse is tolerable when I am in the audience, but as a player, I would detest it. Therefore, I am unable to mark that piece of analysis completely wrong or completely right.
The Next part of my result was "thinking". the results stated that if i were to hone my "Ne" abilities, I would find great success in academia. It also indicated that when an ESTJ's Ne abilties are overused, it turns in to "NT radical geekism". How amusing.
The last part states that I am judging. This feeling, according to the analysis sheet, is rarely expressed. It indicates that I have good prospects of developing genuine friendships. I cannot say for myself how much of this is true. I'd feel rather egotistic, but if I were to claim this as true, but if I were to flat out deny it, I would be lying.