• This Image depicts Milo's concern with food as well as his spreading dominance/syndicate.

This page is for my group although I know no one really reads it and thus it may never realy be any help to my group.

our group's focus is on MIlio Minderbinder, a "mind-binding" character in Joseph Heller's book Catch-22.

  • Milo's eyes do not focus properly and thus he cannot "see past" any thing but profit. everything he does or say is designed to enhance his black-market syndicate.
  • Milo binds groups of people into his profiltable syndicate though "double-talk", blackmail or flattery.
  • Civilans revere Milo for pulling the sagging economy out of the gutter and subsequently grants him all kinds of honorary titles.
  • Nothing stops Milo from making profit. - He even follows though on a deal with the Germans that require him to bomb his own squadron, and later convinces the "top brasses" that it was for a good cause, for everyone's benefit.
  • By the End of the novel, Milo has gone from a humble mess officer for his squadron to a dictator of his airborn profitable empire - the M&M Enterprises.
  • Milo's changes are tracked via chapter titles. Heller has deliberatey names multiple chapers throughout the book in Milo's name -" Milo... Milo the Mayor... Milo the Militant" in order to depict his growing significance in the world of business and manipulation.
  • Greed eventually dominates his good qualiies.- When loyalty to yossarian conflicts with a business transaction with Colonel Cathcart and Korn, Milo deserts Yossarian.
  • Overall, if Milo were a real person in our world today, I believe he would make a great enterprenuer and eventually the head of a enormous global fruit(?) market.