At age 17, Fyodor Dostoevsky left home to study engineering at a Military school in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad). Because Dostoevsky was a student without a source of income, he often went hungry. Poverty plagued his student life and thus he came to know entensively about pawn brokers, drunken crowds, slums and taverns. He was aquainted with the seedy part of lifein the city. These personal experiances are what fueled the vivid, grotesque descriptions of poverty depicted numerously throughout Crime and Punishment.

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Dostoevsky's ideas on the psychological reasons of why peple commit murders was fairly revolutionary due to the fact that social scientists of his time did not weigh emotional factors as an explanation for changes in people'sbehavior. The field of criminology ( aka the BAU in Criminal Minds ^^) was not clearly formulated untill about 1910.