Together we can grow Healthy - Artist statement 2

Here is the artist statement for my second art work based on the theme "Together we can..."

I also liked the way I wrote this and wanted to preserve it somehwere online.

This time, I expanded the theme in to " Together we can grow Healthy" and depicted the

theme of preserving good health through a big collage. I will also post the picture when the

judging process if finished and my artwork is returned. Meanwhile, here is my second artist statement.

Ji Won (Annie) Lee

PTA Reflections 2010-11

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

“Together we can… grow healthy”

“My artwork explores the theme of health and family. For many families, eating together has become a lost art - but it proves to be a simple, effective way to reduce the risk of unhealthy eating habits and diseases such as obesity, malnutrition and eating disorders. Preserving family meal times not only promotes healthier meals for the family, it also keeps the door of communication open. According to SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the dinner table is the perfect time and place for parents to reconnect and to show their kids that they are an important part of the family. The dining table is where parents can find out more about their children’s likes, dislikes, and daily life. Having this information can help parents direct their children toward positive activities and behavior, reducing the likelihood that they will get involved with alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal drugs. By preparing and eating meals with children, it is more likely that meals will be healthier and more nutritionally balanced. For these reasons, my artwork promotes the idea of preparing and eating meals together to better maintain optimum physical and mental health.”

- JW Annie Lee