Why are the Gileadean house maids called called "Marthas"?

When I was in 3rd grade, I used to attend the Catholic Sunday school. So every Sunday morning, my parents drove me to St.Paul Catholic Church and I, with 15 other students, read the children's bible, sang church hymns and watched videos about Jesus. One of the most memorable stories from the bible was a story of two sisters named Mary and Martha. Here is the story......

external image Martha_and_Mary_by_He_Qi_China.jpg
"Jesus had two friends named Mary and Martha who were sisters. One day, as He traveled, Jesus stopped at Martha's home to visit. Mary was also there. The two sisters were happy to see Jesus. Martha went right to work fixing food and cleaning. She wanted everything perfect for Jesus!While Martha worked, Mary sat at Jesus' feet, listening to Him. His words were like cool, pure water to Mary. And she gladly drank them in, not wanting to miss a single thing he said. When Martha noticed how Mary was sitting with Jesus, instead of helping, she became angry. "Lord," exclaimed Martha, "see how Mary just sits while I do all the work. You should tell her to help me!"
"Martha, Martha," said Jesus calmly, "you are bothered by so many little things. Do you know what is really necessary?" Martha looked at Jesus with a puzzled face. "Mary made the right choice," said Jesus. "And it won't be taken from her." (Children's Bible)

By naming the homemaids "Marthas" rather than "Marys" Gilead is displaying its preference of women who completes household chores over women who read and listens to stories. When we look back at the jobs of Marthas in Gilead, they are the ones who does all of the cooking, laundry and washing of other members in the society, just as Martha in the Bible worked fixing food and cleaning the house.

This story also reveals the hypocrisy of the Gileadean society. Gilead, theoretically, is built upon the Bible. However, Gilead names its housemaids "Marthas" when Jesus clearly preferred the choices made by the other sister, Mary.