This is One oF tHose AweSomE thInGs I wAnt tO shArE WitH EverYOnE.

funny graphs - A Million Dollars Isn't Cool
funny graphs - A Million Dollars Isn't Cool

MiNi LAdy GAGA !!!

gaga ooh lala rararararaRAHHHHH!!


Infant-size Lady Gaga costume?
I think I’d like a baby solely to dress it up for Halloween once a year.
Beyond awesome.


Journal Entry 3 - Ibsen


Our IB English class is studying the famous play, A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen. Because I had time to spare on a cold gloomy rainy afternoon, I did a bit of research on the author Henrik ibsen.After learning a few basic facts about his childhood, it became very evident that Ibsen did indeed base his book off of his experiances and feelings regarding the society around him.Here are some very surprising facts about Henrik Ibsen you might want to know if you are reading A doll's House in class.
  • Ibsen was born in to a wealthy family.
  • His family went bankrupt when Ibsen was only 8 years old.
  • His family was forced to move out of their fancy, urban lifestyle into an old, rural farmhouse.
  • All of Ibsen's old friends deserted him. He and his family lived many years in social disgrace.
  • His personality was quiet and withdrawn, but his deep bitter anger at society occasionally escaped through his violent tirades against young playmates.
  • His sole happiness came from putting on puppet shows and reading books.
  • Ibsen did not like his parents any more than he liked the society that shunned them.
  • His domineering father was an alcoholic and his mother found her own sanctuary in religion. Ibsen was psycholgically abandoned, even by his own family.
  • His family situation is what seems to have induced the theme of "Overbearing husband/Submissive wife" in the play A Doll's House.